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Thank you for visiting Plancorr.com where our goal is to help you become financially independent. We are consumer advocates (fiduciary's), and unlike many other financial services professionals, we are required by law to place your interest about that of our own and to disclose any conflicts of interest. Furthermore, we do not use the traditional wealth building methods marketed by many of the 850,000 financial services professionals which oftentimes are too expensive and risky. However, we focus on a return of your capital plus interest and tax efficient income withdrawal strategies during retirement.

Through the use of our "Fast Track to Financial Independence" success system, you will learn how to increase your monthly cash flow and how to pay off all of your debt (house, autos, credit cards and student loans) in approximately 10 to 12 years without refinancing, loan modifications or bill consolidation strategies, saving thousands of dollars in interest charges. You will also learn the difference between saving and investing for a particular goal, and the most cost efficient way to guarantee income for life.

If you are interested in utilizing our services, please fill out the client profile form or feel free to review the rest of our web site.

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