small business

Congratulations on being your own boss. As an entrepreneur, your time is spent on generating income through advertising, marketing and payroll obligations. Therefore, time management is a top priority. However, we have found that many small business owners do not take the time or make the time to plan for their family's own financial future. At best they may have an inefficient tax deferred plan known as a 401(k) or Self Employer Pension (SEP) plan that may charge excessive fees, and is not guaranteed to be their when they need it.

At Plancorr Wealth Management, we offer small business owners, low cost, tax efficient retirement planning strategies. We also offer the following services:

  • Executive Compensation Plans
  • Buy/ Sell Agreements (Life & Disability)
  • Business Overhead Expense Plans
  • Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan – Review & Analysis (No investment fee if less than $1 million in the plan)

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